Our Services

The ultimate aim of Ayurveda is to establish perfect, balanced, radiant health physically, mentally and spiritually in every human being.

We offer Ayurveda Panchakarma therapeutic services in a best possible way with customized solutions to meet the varied needs and application requirements of the clients.

Our services are improvised and result oriented & meets the world’s best Panchakarma practices. We are known for clientele friendly time tested services with support of ancient and authentic principles of age old science Ayurveda.



Vaman Virechan Basti Raktamokshan Nasya Shirodhara Janudhara Janubasti Katibasti Netrabasti


Sexual Problem

Sexual functioning serves a major role in cementing the emotional bond with the primary partner.


Beauty Care

Ayurveda understands beauty as being a product of general physical health and appropriate daily care.